State-of-The-Art Technology For Best Possible Quality

We have been producing ceramic beads made of zirconium since 2002. Through an investment in its own production process, a completely new production line was created. It is based on self-developed systems engineering and process technology, which ensures the high quality standard of SiLibeads.

High-Tech Ceramics In Smallest Sizes

Due to ceramic beads made of zirconium we offer our customers a high-quality and highly efficient product for grinding, that can ground particles down to the nano range with State-of-Art-Mill-Technology.

Versatility of Applications

Ceramic SiLibeads are used in a wide variety of applications as grinding beads in agitator ball mills. In the paint, varnish, and pigment industries, especially heavy beads are preferably used to ensure an efficient and fine grinding process. These requirements are also important for the grinding of minerals, pharmaceutical preparations, and suspensions for plant protection. Recently, ceramic SiLibeads have also been used for the extraction of precious metals, e.g. gold, silver, and platinum. Apart from their use as grinding beads, ceramic SiLibeads are also used for the shot blasting and abrasive blast cleaning of metallic and ceramic components. In case of contamination-free blasting, ceramic SiLibeads are usually in demand.

Optimization By Consulting

We do not leave our customers on their own when using SiLibeads. In addition to sales services, we offer local technical advice to integrate the ceramic beads into the grinding process in the best possible way, determining the optimal application criteria on site. Thus, we guarantee our customers the application of a high-quality product, achieving a maximum cost-benefit ratio, the best possible quality on the best available terms. Of course, we also consider our environment and offer our customers the recycling of beads and thus also the reduction of costs.


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