Tradition and State-of-The-Art Production

SiLi has been developing technical glass beads for decades. We have always been rightly able to say that our production is according to modern technologies. Of course, our products are produced with the latest machine technology for various application areas today. We always try to ensure state-of-the-art technology, by our own in-house R&D and by steady observation of worldwide technologies.

Varity of Applications

With their great variety of qualities and types, SiLibeads are used in various industries and application areas: as grinding beads in agitator ball mills for the pulverization and dispersion of pigments, paints, varnishes, minerals, and ceramic powders as well as in chemical specialties and nanotechnology. The valve beads for the non-refillable caps of spirit bottles are also worth mentioning. The beads and the cap secure the product against illegal mixing. Our reflective glass beads ensure more traffic safety, which allows a better visibility of the road markings at night. The mixing beads in insulin vials enhance the effectiveness of the drug and thus the health of the patient. The filter beads in the annular space filling of drinking water wells enhance the effectiveness and the lifetime and ensures sustainable water supply.

Variable Form and Material

We do justice to this variety of the possible applications. The steady optimization and the develompent of our production processes consolidate our lead permanently. Today, three different molding processes and many different glass types are at our disposal; a variety which makes us unique amongst our competitors.

A Complete Program

Many industries profit from the wide range of hightech production possibilities. We serve this broad "gamut" with our diversified technologies and materials. In the field of technical glass beads, we consider ourselves full-range suppliers, especially when it comes to special customer wishes.


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