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 For the past 160 years we have developed and produced high quality glass beads and for the last 15 years we have also used ceramic material.
Our quality management to DIN ISO 9001 has been approved for years.

Precision glass beads are used in technical applictions with a high chemical consistency. Contrary to metallic beads, glass beads made from soda lime glass and borosilicate glass are permanently resistant in the pH- area of alcaline as well as acidic solutions:


We recommend SiLibeads Glass Beads for the following applications:

  • Valve balls for dosage pumps in the chemical industry
  • Hybrid ball bearings made from plastic and glass for technical rolling- and conveyor appliances in the photo industry
  • Valve balls in aerosols and dispensers in the cosmetics and pharmacy industry
  • Spacers in batteries
  • Valve balls in ink cartridges

With our flexible manufacturing process we can produce:

  • All sizes with diameters from 0.7mm up to 50mm
  • Grade 100 and sometimes even more precise acc. to AFBMA Standard
  • Different glass types based on customer‘s wishes, made from soda lime , borsilikate and coloured glass, also in individual glass compositions
  • Smooth and ultra purified surface quality Ra < 0,080 micron


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