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For more than 160 years we have been producing and developing high-quality glass beads and for more than 15 years beads made of ceramic. Our quality management to DNI ISO 9001 has been approved for years, we also work according to DIN ISO 15378 for the pharmaceutical industry.

This application requires highest precision and thorough purity for the product itself, on the production equipment and in the production premises. We ensure these requirements by producing with state-of-the-art production, sorting and testing systems and working in accordance with the following quality standards:

  • DIN ISO 9001
  • Hygiene standard HACCP for products coming into contact with foods
  • Certification by ISO 15378 primary packaging materials for medical products


We have constant ongoing training for all our employees. Thanks to external audits at SiLi by our customers and external certification offices, we continuously develop and improove our high quality standards.



Final inspection and packaging according to ISO 8 /GMP Grade D.




  • Expert for glass beads since 1854 with production in Warmensteinach Germany
  • Main raw materials are from controlled and audited suppliers
  • Our quality management is certified according to ISO 15378
  • End control and packing process is under clean room condition according to ISO 7/GMP C
  • Well trained employees with long-standing experience


Sigmund Lindner GmbH
Oberwarmensteinacher Str. 38
95485 Warmensteinach


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