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We have produced and developed high-quality glass beads for over 160 years and grinding beads of zirconium oxide and zirconium silicate for over 15 years.

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Filter balls instead of filter gravel for drinking water wells

Our extensive and well-grounded experience with the efficient use of natural resources has played an increasing role in our actions and decisions. Procuring water will represent a great challenge for the future, besides producing alternative energy sources.

We claim to be active in this field with our products and concepts. We have made a detailed examination of the use of glass beads as support and filter material in cooperation with an established well sinker, other specialists in this field, and universities. After two years of research, the results confirm that our SiLibeads, beads of soda-lime glass, have the characteristics most suitable for this application.


Since 2007 over 150 wells were already equipped with SiLibeads glass balls in Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland in stead of gravel.


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Compared to standard filter gravel the following advantages were discovered

SiLibeads glass beads have almost the ideal shape for a sphere with a smooth surface, which clearly minimises the build-up of incrustation and reduces the regeneration frequency of the well.

SiLibeads have a very high ultimate strength due to their homogeneity, which is higher in comparison to filter gravel by a factor of 10. When filling the annular space, thus created neither breaks, undersized particles, or colmation particles.

SiLibeads have a very narrow grain size distribution and are available in all size distributions. This way, the bead size can be chosen according to the condition of the ground. This also supports the avoidance of colmation and reduces incrustation. The regeneration effort is lowered again through this. In addition, filling the well space with SiLibeads can prevent the development of harmful bridging formations.

SiLibeads soda-lime glass beads are free of impurities and heavy metals and do not display any concentrations of toxicological elements when used with acid-based regeneration substances.

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Relation between glass beads and standard filter gavel

Contamination through ocher by using standard filter gravel


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