Siliglit - a sparkling brand

Besides the glass SiLibeads and the ceramic SiLibeads, the brand SiLiglit is the third division in our enterprise. Our decorative glitter products are sold under the brand name SiLiglit. Decades of experience have established us as one of the most important suppliers in Europe with our SiLiglit products.

Wide range of applications

SiLi decorative glitter accentuates effectively and serves a very wide application range. We have specialized in the application of decorative glitter in the cosmetics industry. With our high-quality and durable cosmetic glitter, we fulfill the high quality demands of our customers; however, we also meet the stringent regulatory requirements. In addition, SiLiglit is in demand as decorative material in aerosol sprays for decorative and cosmetic use. The highest quality standard is also fulfilled in this respect. Our wide range of products perfectly serves the fields of wall and floor coating, the glittering of textiles, Christmas decorations, and many other lifestyle products.

A kaleidoscope of colrs and materials

The base materials of decorative glitter are as diverse as the scope of applications for SiLiglit. There is polyester (PET) glitter in the three different variants Grade I, II, and III made of aluminum for high temperature exposures and glitter made of glass in spherical as well as ultra-thin platelet shapes. These materials are in turn available in most diverse forms, colors, and qualities. A range as colorful as the medium itself.

Lasting glitter

Besides the variety of variants and applications, SiLiglit decorative glitter also stands for high quality. The products impress with their high chemical, mechanical, and thermal resistance.


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