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For over 160 years we have developed and produced high quality effect glitter. We specialise on the substrate polyester with an exact and fine cut for use in aerosol sprays.
We furthermore produce technical glass beads to be used especially as mixing beads in insulin ampoules and aerosol sprays.

Important Advantages:

  • precise and exact cut, small +/- tolerance
  • thin glitter particles with a strength of 13micron, therefore only half as much glitter required compared to the commercially available products with a strength of > 25 micron
  • no glitter chains, therefore no clogging of the spray nozzle
  • high consistency in formulae based on H20 and solvents
  • extensive and always up to date documentation in accordance with the guidelines of the EU, U.S. and Japanese cosmetic regulations



Each finished batch has to pass a series of complex quality controls with regard to colour consistency, size of particles, cutting surface as well as resistance against H20, solvents, alcohol and propellants. In order to avoid so-called glitter chains, SiLiglit aerosol glitter is sieved twice.

Glass beads are used for stirring up respectively mixing in aerosol sprays, especially if the spray formula is water based.
Inert glass beads have an advantage over metal beads due to their extremely good hydrolytic consistency.

The bead size varies between 10 and a maximum of 16 mm depending on the viscosity in the formula . A small diameter and roundness tolerance of +/-0,5mm and even more precise is guaranteed.


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