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The whole cosmetic glitter range is certified according to GMP DIN EN ISO 22716:2008-12


For over 160 years we have been producing and developing high quality effect glitter. We specialise in the carrier materials glass and polyester, concentrating on use for decorative cosmetics. We have made it our goal to test our products and adhere to the regulative requirements of the cosmetic regulations in the EU, USA and Japan.

SiLiglit Cosmetic Glitter has been established for years and is used in countless cosmetic products. From a particle size of 50 and/or 75 microns and larger the precisely cut glitter is produced in a square, rectangular or preferably hexagonal form. The film thickness is 13-38 microns. Effective use for the highest brilliance is guaranteed. The wide colour spectrum ranges from plain colours to pearlescent right up to holographic effects.
All colours and types correspond to the cosmetics regulations.

If required we offer our full service: packaging in small packages adapted to consumer requirements.

Our competencies include:

  • extensive consulting on application
  • comprehensive and up to date documentation, compilation of all product data sheets in accordance with the guidelines of the cosmetics regulations in the EU, USA and Japan
  • all products are tested at regular intervals according to the regulative requirements, only approved products are put on the market.
  • with a new and innovative coating process customer wishes regarding the most diverse colour shades can be fulfilled quickly and flexibly, even small batches are possible
  • on request the individually produced batches can be tested for microbiological contamination and delivered contamination free
  • our warehouse in Germany encompasses more than 1000 different articles
  • our aim is prompt delivery



Each batch produced passes through an extensive quality control regarding colour constancy, particle size, cross section, resistance to alcohols, solvents, H2O, oils and paraffins.

SiLiglam - Cosmetic Effects



In the area of colour cosmetics, glitter has been an important recipe component for shimmering and brilliant effects.


The SiLiglam brand stands for a new generation of effect glitters from Sigmund Lindner GmbH. Unlike conventional types of glitter, all SiLiglam types are based on a novel production process. With conventional types of glitter, a film-like initial material is dyed and then cut into the desired particle size. The production of SiLiglam types, on the other hand, is in opposite order: substrates in particle form, which are in the desired particle size, serve as a raw material. The particles of the initial material are surrounded by the coating material using an innovative coating process. This coating can either be coloured or transparent.


There are numerous combination possibilities of substrates and colour pigments through the colouring process in the last production step. As a result, it is possible to create customised glitter for various demanding applications.


Colouring cosmetic formulas with novel effect glitters of the SiLiglam product range is a particularly challenging area of application. When selecting raw materials for the different SiLiglam types, special emphasis is placed on the widest possible approval for a wide range of cosmetic applications. Thus, the SiLiglam types are suitable for different cosmetic formulas such as eyelid powder, eye lid gel, eye liner, eye liner pens, eyelash mascara, nail polish, lipsticks, lip ointments, lip gloss and also for powder-shaped or liquid make-up formulas. The SiLiglam product range sets itself apart through excellent resistance in all conventional cosmetic formulas. As a result, formula possibilities arise which were previously not possible with traditional glitters.


The current product range includes SiLiglam type P, type I and type H. Here, type SiLiglam P types are based on polyester film, type I with an iridescent film and type H on a film with holographic effects. In principle, all substrates in particle form are suitable as an initial material for the SiLiglam product range. Products are developed based on glass flakes and mica.


The SiLiglam brand is expanding the traditional field of effect glitters and offers new possibilities for the individual design of cosmetic formulas.









SiLiglam Type P


SiLiglam Type I


SiLiglam Type H


SiLiglam - antimony-free Polyester Glitter



SiLiglam Cosmetic Glitters are widely used in all kinds of colour cosmetic application for several years. Now we can offer an amazing range of new colours which have an antimony content of below 10 mg/kg. Because of the unique production process and the most advanced raw materials the antimony-free SiLiglam Glitters fully meet the requirements of international cosmetic regulations.



In addition to the high purity the SiLiglam Cosmetic Glitters show outstanding stability and resistance. For that reason SiLiglam antimony-free glitters can be used in all kinds of cosmetic applications - such as waterbased formulations, dry powders and even nail polish.


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