...glittering your world

For more than 160 years we have produced and developed top class effect glitter made from polyester, glass and aluminium in a highly consistent quality.

Our product portfolio comprises also glass beads and glass nuggets, which, besides the effect glitter, are most suitable for decorating Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas candles, flower arrangements and carnival articles, as well as for decorating in general.

Polyester Glitter Grade II and Grade III are especially suitable for glittering of:


  • Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree baubles
  • Carnival articles
  • Cards
  • Natural and artifical flowers


Glass Glitter, Nuggets and Glass beads are recommended for:

  • Ice crystals – and dew effects in the colours crystal /natural
  • Christmas tree ornaments, candles, shop window decorations and flower vases
  • Due to its relatively high specific weight it is easily removed after use, e.g. table decorations (low electrostatic charging).


Aluminium Glitter and motives are used preferably for glittering Christmas candles due to its heat resistant properties.

  • high brilliancy
  • high resistance to binding agents, solvents and temperatures (with candles)
  • extensive product portfolio with many different types, sizes, shapes, colours and effects
  • fast delivery, largest storage in Europe
  • highly UV consistent confirmed by long-term tests
  • if required, confectioning into small packages is possible


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