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For more than 160 years we have produced, developed and sold high quality effect glitter. We have specialised on the base material polyester with a very exact and find cut, as well as a high consistency for use in decorative colours, colours for printing and textile print.

Useage and Recommendations:

  • Polyester Glitter Grade I is especially suitable for watery based colours for handicraft, deco and paints for children, as well as all kinds of decoration and wall colours indoors.
    The pH-value of the formula should preferably stay within 6.5-7.5.
  • For use in textile-, screen- and flex printing, Polyester-Glitter Grade II in the sizes of Art. 27201 (0,1mm), Art. 27 and Art. 2710 (0,2mm) is used.
  • Polyester Glitter Grade I with solvents should preferably be used for iridescent /mother-of-pearl effects.
  • The washing properties are generally good, should however be checked to be on the safe side.

Essential Advantages:

  • high brilliancy
  • precise and exact cut, low +/- tolerance
  • thin glitter particles with strengths of 13-25micron of Polyester-Glitter Grade I, therefore only small quantities of glitter required
  • no glitter chains and therefore no clogging of screen printing plates
  • permanent consistency in water soluable and solvent based formulae
  • good washing properties, when used on textiles
  • Polyester-Glitter Grade I corresponds to EN71


Each finished batch passes through an extensive quality control with regard to colour consistency, particle size, cutting surface as well as resistance to H20, solvents and a temperature of up to 175 degree Celsius.


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