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For over 160 years produce high quality effect glitter made from polyester and aluminium of highest standard.

Our diverse product portfolio comprises also glass beads in sizes starting from 10 micron, which, besides the effect glitter, are most suitable as filler in polymere to increase the mechanical properties.

Areas of Use

  • Suitable for an extrusion process up to 220°C
  • Art. 2120-50-3, 2110-50-3 in a silver colour are most suitable for metallic effects in homes, electric - and lifestyle articles e.g. espresso machines, mobile telephone cases and sports articles, as well as for engine covers in the automobile industry
  • Art. 2120-58-3, 2110-58-3 in the colour black for granit effects in household articles
  • In body construction for e.g. horse trailers and for travellers, Polyester-Glitter Grade I is recommended

SiLglit Aluglitter

Important Advantages:

  • High brilliancy
  • Aluminium Glitter Art. 21../50-3, 21../58-3 useable in extruders up to approx. 220°C
  • Thin glitter particles with a strength of 13 micron in aluminium glitter, therefore partly only half as much glitter required as compared to commercially avaiable products with a strength of 25 micron
  • In car body production with GFK (glass fibre reinforced plastic) polyester glitter grade I is used preferably, due to it being highly resistant to solvents and resins
  • Very good UV- properities, confirmed by long-term tests



Each finished batch passes through an extensive quality control with regard to colour consistency, size of particles, cutting surfaces as well as resistance to temperature and solvents.


SiLiglam TEC

Important Advantages:

  • Heat resistance >230˚C
  • Low density
  • Little electrostatic charging
  • No dust




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