…glittering your world

For more than 160 years we have produced and developed high quality effect glitter made from various base materials in an unlimited diversity.
Our product portfolio comprises also coloured glass beads, which, apart from the effect glitter, are most suitable for use in interior wall and floor coatings as well as in wallpapers.

  • High brilliancy
  • Precise and exact cutting
  • Thin glitter particles with a strength of 13-25micron in polyester grade I, therefore partly only half as much glitter required as compared to the commercially available products with strengths between 30 – 40 micron
  • High temperature resistance, short-term up to 220°C. For higher processing temperatures aluminium glitter of article 21 is recommended.
  • High consistency in formulae on H20 and solvent basis
  • Diverse product assortment, many different types, sizes, colours and effects



Each manufactured batch passes through an extensive quality control with regard to colour consistency, size of particles, cutting surfaces as well as temperature resistance.


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