Portrait of the Company Sigmund Lindner

Proved for Generations

In 1854 SiLi was founded by Sigmund Lindner. Today, SiLi the Company is managed by 5th generation family – Stefan Trassl. We are one of the major manufacturers of high quality Technical Glass and Ceramic Beads in the World. We also manufacture and distribute a wide range of Decorative Glitter products.

Constant expansions and improvement

Our highly specialized  products SiLiglit and SiLibeads are traditionally produced by self developed processes in Germany at the site Warmensteinach.


The various manufacturing processes are continuously optimized and the production capacity will be expanded continuously. 1999 a new administration- and warehouse building was built.


In 2001 we invested in an advanced production line for manufacturing a new bead type. Since then the site has been expanded continuously in Warmensteinach.

In 2005 a joint venture in China was founded, thus strengthening the position on the Asian market in the long term.

R&D of new manufacturing technologies is strongly promoted.

Worldwide presence

A worldwide export network in over 80 countries and our own sales offices in England, Italy, France and Moscow as well as a subsidiary firm in the USA show the steady expansion of our international presence. It is an expansion which continues on all continents, especially in Asia. This makes us a global player in a niche market for technical glass and ceramic beads as well as for decorative glitter.

Our main aim is to be as close to the customer as possible.


Sigmund Lindner GmbH
Oberwarmensteinacher Str. 38
95485 Warmensteinach


Fon:(+49) 9277 - 9940
Fax:(+49) 9277 - 99499