certificate A constantly high quality level of our products, services and processes is the absolute prerequisite for our corporate success. This we owe to our SiLi quality management system, which has been awarded the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate and the certificate on the compliance with the EU Regulation on Hygiene for Foodstuffs, HACCP Directives and the Norms for Hygiene.

SiLibeads and SiLiglit can be found in many applications such as glass beads as a main packaging medium for pharmaceutical products or glitter in cosmetics. Certain applications demand increased quality management and / or regulative requirements. For this reason we meet the DIN EN ISO 15378 and EU GMP for precision glass beads in sub-areas and the European Regulation of Cosmetics (76/768/EWG) for selected glitter. Our clean room comes up to the cleanroom classifications 7 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and C in accordance with the EG-GMP-Guide.



All types of SiLibeads made of glass are constantly controlled by the independent testing institute LGA QualiTest GmbH. After having successfully completed testing, our glass beads have been awarded the seal of approval "LGA – Certified Safety according to the German Law on Foodstuffs.” Our customers can rest assured that glass beads made by SiLi strictly conform to EU Regulation 1935/2004 and therefore are certified for use in the food industry.


Quality assurance and a testing strategy adjusted to the particular use guarantees the product quality demanded by the customers at most attractive test costs. Our testing equipments and methods correspond to the current level of science and technology. For special testing we have access to universities and off-site analysis centres.

You can audit us with success at all times. We look forward to your visit.


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