Type ZY-E

Grinding Media

Grinding Beads Type ZY-E with high abrasion resistance

SiLibeads Type ZY-E stands out for an extremely low wear and tear caused by using fine
crystalline and pure raw materials in the production process. The exact roundness as well as
the smooth and polished surface of the beads contributes to this low wear rate.

Colour and Paint Industry:

  • grinding and dispersion of coating and paint systems, e.g. car paint, corrosion protection, dip paints, industrial and structural paints, wood varnishes, coil coatings
  • organic/inorganic pigments, e.g. titanium dioxide, ultra marine, iron oxide, etc.
  • grinding and dispersion of pigments to dye textiles, plastics and food

Ceramic Industry:

  • grinding and processing of electric ceramics, e.g. barium titanate, piezo-electric ceramics, sensors, condensers
  • processing of enamel
  • medical technology, e.g. dentures and hip prosthesis
  • magnetic ceramic, ferrite
  • technical ceramic components, e.g. exhaust cultivator in engine technology

Plant Protection:

  • dispersion of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides


  • grinding of pigments and solids for lipsticks, skin and sun protection creams


  • nano grinding for the production of active substances and supplies substances

Battery raw materials:

  • ultra fine grinding and dispersion of battery raw materials for Cathode- and Anode
  • materials, for example Lithium-Ion-batteries


  • High density - 6.05 kg/l
  • Very high wear and tear resistance, depending on the milling process - approximately 40 times better than zirconium silicate beads and about 70 times better than soda lime glass beads.
  • Highest operating time is achievable.
  • Low contamination of the grinding product, therefore useable for high-grade grinding of pigments, dyes, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
  • Useable for all modern types of mills and high energy mills (vertical and horizontal).
  • Excellent crystal structure avoids bead breakage and reduces the abrasion of mill parts.
  • No radioactivity in comparison to ceramic beads made of zirconium silicate and therefore no contamination of the grinding product and no costly disposal of the beads.
  • Conformity to 1935/2004/EC (Food legislation).


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