Type ZY-P

Grinding Media

Type ZY-P
Zirkonoxid-Beads, Yttrium stabilised

The new SiLibeads Type ZY-P QUALITY fulfils highest quality requirements and is therefore recommended as grinding beads to the following industries:

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Producers of Printing Inks
  • Grinding and Dispersion of Pigments and Dyes

These new SiLibeads Type ZY-P QUALITY stand out for an extremely low wear and tear caused by using fine crystalline and pure raw materials in the production process. The exact roundness as well as the smooth and polished surface of the beads contributes to this low wear rate. That means nearly none contamination of the grinding product. Highest product qualities can be obtained. This applies in particular to materials and products within the nano-particle range. In low viscosity suspensions, especially in water based systems grinded in high speed mills, these new SiLibeads Type ZY- P QUALITY show excellent performance features.


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