Type ZY-S

Grinding Media

Ceramic Beads Type ZY-S high performance grinding media

Application of Ceramic Beads as Grinding Media

Paint and Coatings Industry

  • for grinding and disperison of coating and paint systems like car paint, corrosion protection, dip paints, industrial and structural paints, wood varnishes, coil coatings
  • inorganic and organic pigments, like titan dioxide, ultra marine, iron oxide, etc.
  • pigments for textile dyes plastics, food

Ceramic Industry

  • for grinding and processing of electric ceramics, like BaTiO3, piezo electric ceramics, sensors, condensers
  • processing of enamel
  • medical technology, e. g. dentures and hip prosthesis
  • magnetic ceramic, ferrite
  • technical ceramic components, e. g. exhaust cultivator in engine technology

Pest Control

  • dispersion of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides


  • grinding of pigments and solids for lipsticks, skin and sun protection creams


  • finest grinding up to the nano particle range for the production of active substances and supplies substances


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