Type M

Glass Beads Type M used as mixing and stirring bead in aerosols, as valve balls in closures and for waterfiltration in water wells

In the size range between 10 and 16 mm, our SiLibeads Glass Beads Type M are mainly used as stirring and mixing media in aerosol sprays, as valves for bottle closures and for the mechanical coating of small metallic pieces, through a special plating process (mechanical plating).

Their high degree of purity allows them to reach excellent results in the grinding and dispersing of pigments, dyestuff, agro-chemicals, pharamaceuticals and cosmetic preparations.


SiLibeads Type M are also used in waterwells. They replace filter gravel in the annular space.


Our Type M glass beads are produced through a pressing process. This kind of production is quite labor intensive, but allows the production of beads with excellent roundness in a size range up to 25 mm.

Main quality characteristics

  • very good roundness
  • very smooth and shiny surface
  • low proportion of air-bubbles
  • high degree of purity

       Our Glassbeads are conform to EC regulation 1935/2004/EC


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