Type P


Precision Glass Beads Type P for ball bearings, non-refillable closures, as valve ball

Our Type P beads are produced either in soda-lime glass or in high-quality borosilicate glass. Their chemical resistance allows their contact to aggressive and corrosive media (solutions). Dosage pumps and ball bearings in the chemical industry contain often our Type P glass beads.


Thanks to a special grinding process, in the production of our SiLibeads Type P, we achieve a very high degree of precision. The diameter and roundness tolerances can even be lower than 10 under request. This production process allows size ranges between 1.0 and 50 mm. The surface can be alternatively polished or matt. Our precision beads are obtainable in borosilicate or solid coloured glass as well.

Main quality characteristics

  • highest precision of the diameter, the roundness and the surfaceOberflächengĂĽte
  • optimal chemical resistance
  • high degree of purity


Our very striet quality controls guaranty the safest use in the pharmacy and cosmetic industry.

      Our Glassbeads are conform to EC regulation 1935/2004/EC


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