Aluminium Glitter

Aluminium Glitter / Glimmer / Flitter

1. Aluminium Glitter Epoxy

In the plastic industry it is possible to use SiLiglit Aluminium Glitter Epoxy up to a temperature of 220° C.

Aluminium Glitter Epoxy is very popular in the household articles industry, through a injection moulding process in black (colour 58) in order to obtain granite effects, or in silver (colour 50) for metallic impressions: for the chassis of vacuum cleaners, mobile telephones, espresso-machines, etc.

The ratio between glitter and raw material amounts to 0.5 - 1.5 weight %, whereas this ratio between gltter and batch amounts to 50 to 70 (depends on the intensity and particle size and desired effect).

Aluminium Glitter Epoxy is the most popular choice in the wallpaper industry.

The application of the glitter can be made through a thermal treatment in an air canal up to a temperature of 200° C. This glitter is also suitable for use in wet wallpapers and epoxy-based powder coatings.

SiLiglit Aluminium-Glitter with epoxy coating is also used for powder coatings on epoxy vesin base.

The results in the furniture and sport-articles industry are also excellent.

2. Aluminium Glitter Uncoated

As a more economical choice, the SiLiglit Aluminium Glitter Uncoated has many different applications in the decoration industry: spread in window displays, on tables, in stores as well as ornaments used in hobby and floral industry.

Our aluminium-glitter epoxy silver (colour 50) is also suitable for decoration in the wallpaper industry particularly sizes 0.4 mm - article 2001/50 - and 0.6 mm - art. 2002/50.


Our SiLiglit Aluminium Glitter / Glimmer / Flitter are produced in two different versions:
SiLiglit Aluminium Glitter Epoxy with epoxy coating and
SiLiglit Aluminium Glitter uncoated.

Main quality characteristics

1. Aluminium Glitter Epoxy

  • high temperature resistance
  • good resistance to most solvents
  • very thin gauge of the particles

2.  Aluminium Glitter uncoated

  • available up to a size of 3 mm
  • the colour silver 50, is restistant up to a temperature of 300° C


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