Glass Glitter

Glass Glitter / Glass Nuggets / Deco Beads

This glitter is as well very popular in hobby and crafts market
the round form of the coloured beads is used for creating ice or frost effects for Christmas decorations, greeting-cards, for crafts eggs design, decoupage, etc. In the floral industry it is used for artificial or silk flowers or as a decorative filling in transparent vases.

The colouring option L
its due to its resistance in water and different solvents suitable for effect materials on textiles (screen printing) as well as body paints and peeling products in cosmetics.
The beads in size ranges 0.3 - 0.4 mm and 0.4 - 0.6 mm show excellent results.


  • quite brilliance
  • perfect transparency with ideal light-reflection
  • no electric charge
  • easy cleaning of the decoration surface after use

Because of their characteristics, our glass-glitter and deco-beads are ideally suitable to being used in window-displays or for table-decorations, for carnival and other festivals. The relatively high specific weight of 2.5 kg/dmĀ³ allows an easy cleaning of decoration surface after use.


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