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SiLiglam Pure antimony free

SiLiglam pure, a new generation of effect glitters which is based upon antimony free ‘PET’ film. This highly pure applied ‘PET’ raw material is also free from other heavy metals and undesirable contaminants.


A gossamer thin metallised coating of aluminium provides the highest degree of gloss and reflective shine. SiLiglam now provides an antimony free product line to introduce impressive silver gloss, brilliant colour lustres and iridescence into all areas of coloured cosmetics and body care products.


The patented coating process can enable customer specific colour effects, and can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.


Main features of SiLiglam PURE:



- Total content of Antimony below 10 mg/kg*


- 50 amazing colors


- Outstanding stability in cosmetic formulations


- Cosmetic approved colorants


- Latest production equipment and technology





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