Grade I

SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I / Glimmer / Flitter

There are many different fields of applications of SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I. The exceptional brilliance, the low specific weight and the excellent resistance against water, solvents, alcohol and UV irradiation allow really a various use of this material. We would like to let you have only some applications: in the cosmetic industry for nail varnishes, hair gels, hairsprays or for make-up, in the sport or fashion industry for articles in Duroplast or PVC for example and of course in the hobby and decoration industry for paint-colours and decoration sprays.

Because of its very low specific weight and because of the extremely good resistance this SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I is also used in the industrial sector, e. g. in the paint- and coatings industry or for floor- and wall coverings.

In the textile and paper industry (wallpapers, giftwrap, etc. ), SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I/ Glimmer / Flitter are also used through sieve-, flock-, rotation- or thermo-print methods. However, a lot of our customers meanwhile use for textile- or paper printing our SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade II or III, because of their more favourable prices.

SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I is also used extensively in the Polyester GRP moulding (gelcoat) industry, especially for coatings of cars and motorcycles, crash helmets or fairground rides and for powder coatings on a polyester basis onto bicycle frames and metal- and wood surfaces in the furniture industry.



  • exceptional brilliance
  • very low specific weight
  • great resistance against water, solvents and UV ray
  • precision cut, no particle chains


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