2018 NWRA Annual Conference Week


Sigmund Lindner GmbH took part in the NWRA Annual Conference Week in Las Vegas for the first time

This conference provides a platform for professionals, stakeholders and students from different areas of water supply.

SiLi presented the SiLibeads filter beads to the specialist audience.

SiLibeads glass beads serve as support and filter material for drinking water wells and are particularly convincing due to the following properties:

  • 8 times stronger than the best silica gravel
  • Maximum effective pore space due to uniform size and spherical shape
  • No flattened and broken sub grain hence wider well screen apertures possible
  • No filter pack development necessary
  • No subsequent subsidence of filter pack
  • Smooth surface delays iron and manganese incrustation
  • Faster and more efficient well development due to large and regular pore spaces
  • No bridging or jamming during fill-in process
  • Good visibility of filter pack through wire wrapped screens at video inspections