Response to bioglitter article

Bioglitter the alternative to polyester glitter

“Eco glitter causes same damage to rivers as ordinary product – study”

Published on THE GUARDIAN, BBC, COSMETIC BUSINESS based on the study from the ARU

These test results do not refer to our SiLiglam Bioglitter
The tested materials (cellulose based glitter with acrylic coating, natural mica and synthetic mica) do not correspond to any of our bio glitters in terms of chemical composition. For that reason it would be inappropriate to directly take any conclusion from this experiment to our glitters.

Our product series SiLiglam PURE NATURE and SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE are 100% plastic free
SiLiglam PURE NATURE biodegrades completely. The glitter is vegan, free of heavy metals, approved to cosmetic regulations and coated on a cellulose acetate base. So both the foil and the coating will biodegrade in water.
We would like to share the following information, which relates to our SiLiglam PURE NATURE. The same cellulose acetate film composition which we are using for SiLiglam PURE NATURE was tested for marine biodegradation in real conditions. Please find the link as follows:

Within our SiLiglam PURE NATURE and SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE ranges we can also offer ‘technical’ grades (non cosmetic) so that DIY projects can continue to shine and that Christmas can remain the time of fun, sparkle and glitter.
We are very serious in our desire to offer quality, truly biodegradable options and we know that there is a lot of greenwashing in the market, with many contradictory facts.

We can offer the alternative to polyester glitter: SiLiglam PURE NATURE and SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE.

If we can be of any further assistance when it comes to bioglitter don´t hesitate to contact us.