A look under the Solar Panels

As a family run, medium sized Company with a proud tradition of more than 160 years, our goal is to leave behind a livable environment for our future generations. Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, and thanks to our state of the art photovoltaic systems, we are able to produce more than a third of our energy requirements through renewable processes.

We also focus on sustainability amongst the solar panels – at the weekend twenty sheep moved into their new summer quarters in the SiLi Solar Park!! The use of sheep in grazing the solar field maintains the care and compatibility of our ecological power generation, as no mechanical methods are now needed for cultivation. At the same time, this method is also a very suitable use of the area from a nature conservation point of view.  To give examples of the positive effects on biodiversity: gaps in the soil created by sheep treads can serve as new homes for different plant/flower species to settle and grow, which then attract insects, butterflies and bees.  Also the excrement created serves as important food sources for many small species such as bats and dung beetles.

Now the Summer is here and the ‘mowing work’ can begin !