Development project with our SiLibeads Type S glass beads as ball lenses

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been supporting an innovative project for the development of micro-concentrator photovoltaic cells using our SiLibeads Type S glass beads as spherical lenses. After the limited contact possibilities of the past months, we were all the more pleased to welcome our partners under 3G Plus scheme to the joint project mid-term meeting in Warmensteinach. In addition to pure reports on the progress of the project, the meeting “on site” enabled productive discussions and exchange of ideas on the still upcoming work steps. Autumn also showed itself from its best side, so that we were able to say goodbye to our guests after a joint company tour in imperial weather in our art garden.

Further information on the “microp-cpv” project can be found at:…/forschungspr…/micro-cpv.html