Earth Day

In these strange times we become painfully aware of how sensitive our planet and also our human existence is.
As a family run company with a tradition of more than 160 years, it is our express goal to leave a livable environment for future generations. Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, and thanks to installed state of the art photovoltaic systems – we are already able to cover more than a third of our energy requirements with self-produced green electricity.
Plus, special waste water centrifuges treat our process water in such a way that we can largely dispense with the use of valuable fresh water in the manufacture of our products.

We are proud to make continuing contribution to more sustainability and to a more conscious use of the finite resources of our planet with future proof products and services and their constant further development.

Our striving for sustainability is also expressed in our management systems according to ISO 50001 for energy (certified since 2016) and ISO 14001 environment.

Let´s take care and stay healthy!


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