New art garden in Warmensteinach

Art garden in Warmensteinach. at Sigmund Lindner GmbH

A heart’s desire of the Trassl family was fulfilled with the construction of the art garden. It is located at the northern side of SiLibead’s headquarters. Maria Rucker, daughter of the former co-partner Annemarie Rucker, can exhibit three of her objects in the art garden and make it available to the public:

– Frutta Ambrosa, Carrara Bianco marble, Ø 60cm
– The Scaled, Carrara Bianco Marble, 317 x 43 x 50cm
– Potentiala, Statuario Marble, 60 x 81 x 30cm

Furthermore a crow stands to the inspection. This one was designed on the occasionof the 800th anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe. It is decorated with SiLibeads glass beads and installed in Warmensteinach after the festivities.
The art garden is intended to serve SiLi employees as a rest and recreation area.  If the weather is suitable, the garden invites you to eat and linger on during the breaks.

The garden is open to the public from Friday noon to Sunday evening.