SiLibeadsType Z

Zirconium silicate ceramic beads

SiLibeads® Type Z made of zirconium silicate, manufactured in a melting process, are suitable beads for many grinding systems and offer excellent value for money.

Fields of application

Colour and paint industry:

  • grinding ink and coating systems in the medium viscosity range, mostly water-based systems.
  • grinding dyes for dyeing textiles and plastics
  • grinding inorganic and organic pigments.

Plant protection:

  • dispersing fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

Filler and coating industry:

  • preparation of whiteners (CaCO3) for paper production.
  • grinding coatings

Surface treatment:

  • Microspheres in sizes up to 600 µm for cleaning and deburring metal, glass and rubber components.

Quality attributes

  • dense structure due to mould cast
  • smooth surface
  • good mechanical properties
  • high roundness
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