Type ZS 4.1

Zirconium silicate ceramic beads – sintered beads

The sintered beads have a very dense, homogeneous structure due to the special production method. All grinding systems therefore exhibit significantly better wear behavior than conventional zirconium silicate beads.

Fields of application

Paint and varnish industry:

  • grinding ink and coating systems in the medium viscosity range, mostly water-based systems.
  • grinding dyes for dyeing textiles and plastics
  • grinding inorganic and organic pigments.

Plant protection:

  • dispersing fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

Filler and coating industry:

  • preparation of whiteners (CaCO3) for paper production.
  • for grinding coatings for video and audio tapes.

Mining industry:

  • for grinding minerals and precious metals


  • dense sintered structure
  • smooth surface
  • high roundness
  • high hardness
Ceramic Beads-Grinding Beads-Video SiLibeads

Grinding-Beads-SiLibeads-Sintered-Zirconium-Silicate-Type-ZS-Ceramic Beads

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