SiLibeadsType ZY-P

Ceramic beads made of zirconium oxide / yttrium stabilized as grinding beads

Ceramic beads Type ZY-P feature extremely high wear resistance due to the use of ultra-fine crystalline and high-purity raw materials in the manufacturing process. The very good roundness and the dense, polished surface of the grinding beads also contribute to such excellent wear resistance properties. Consequently even slightest contaminations of the ground material can be avoided and product qualities at the highest level are ensured. This applies in particular to materials and products in the nanoparticle range.

Fields of application

Paint and varnish industry

  • for grinding / dispersing of lacquer and paint systems
  • for grinding / dispersing organic and inorganic pigments
  • for grinding / dispersing dyes for dyeing textiles, plastics and foodstuffs

Ceramics industry

  • for grinding and preparation of electro-ceramics
  • for the preparation of glazes
  • in medical technology, e.g. for the manufacture of hip and dental prostheses
  • for magnetic ceramics, ferrites
  • for technical ceramic components, e.g. exhaust manifolds

Pest management

  • for dispersing fungicides, herbicides and insecticides

Beauty culture

  • for grinding the pigment and solids for lipsticks and various creams


  • for ultra-fine grinding down to the nano range for the production of pharmaceuticals
  • in cell disruption to isolate components such as DNA

Battery materials

  • for processing and fine grinding of various battery materials such as cathode and anode material, e.g. for lithium-ion batteries

Quality attributes

  • high density
  • fine-pored structure
  • polished finish
  • high roundness
  • no radioactivity
  • for pharmaceutical applications
  • high wear resistance
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