Type ZY-S

Ceramic beads made of zirconium oxide / yttrium stabilized used as grinding beads and dispersing beads

Fields of application

Paint and varnish industry:

  • grinding and dispersion of coating and paint systems, e.g. car paint, corrosion
    protection, dip paints, industrial and structural paints, wood varnishes, coil coatings
  • organic/inorganic pigments, e.g. titanium dioxide, ultra marine, iron oxide, etc.
  • grinding and dispersion of pigments to dye textiles, plastics and food

Ceramic industry:

  • for grinding and preparation of electroceramics
  • for the preparation of glazes
  • in medical technology, e.g. for the manufacture of hip and dental prostheses
  • for magnetic ceramics, ferrites
  • for technical ceramic components, e.g. exhaust manifolds

Plant protection:

  • for dispersing fungicides, herbicides and insecticides


  • for grinding pigments and solids for lipsticks and various creams

Battery materials:

  • for processing and fine grinding of various battery materials such as cathode and anode material, e.g. for lithium-ion batteries

Quality attributes

  • high density
  • dense structure
  • high wear resistance
  • high roundness
  • no radioactivity
Ceramic Beads-Grinding Beads-Video SiLibeads
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