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SiLiglit and SiLiglam are the brand names for effect glitter products of our company. Using different carrier materials, our glitters set effective highlights in the cosmetics industry as well as in technical applications.

SiLiglam NATURE Bioglitter


Biodegradable glitter is a glitter specially made from renewable raw materials. It decomposes to carbon dioxide, water and biomass.



SiLiglam SELECTION is a small exclusive collection for cosmetic applications.

Glitter SiLiglit Grade II

SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade II are ideal as effect material for Christmas decorations, such as Christmas tree beads, Christmas stars and candles, as well as Christmas accessories of all kinds [...]

SiLiglam TEC


SiLiglam TEC is a black coloured effect material. It is particularly heat-resistant and can withstand the highest heavy loads.

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