SiLiglit Aluminium Glitter

Aluminium Glitter Epoxy coated or uncoated

Aluminium glitter coated

SiLiglit Aluminium-Glitter epoxy is used in the plastics industry with processing temperatures up to 220 °C. In the injection moulding process, mainly household articles with SiLiglit aluminium epoxy in colour 58 black are used to achieve granite effects. With colour 50 silver, metallic effects are achieved e.g. in sporting goods and in plastic housings for electrical goods such as vacuum cleaner housings, espresso machines and mobile phones, etc.

Aluminium glitter epoxy is also used in powder coatings. Paints for the furniture and sporting goods industry show excellent results.

Aluminium Glitter uncoated

The low-priced version SiLiglit aluminium glitter uncoated is used for numerous decorations, e.g. as lose spread for shop windows and table decoration, as well as for handicraft glitter and as an effect material on artificial and silk flowers.

Textile wallpapers with aluminium glitter in the colour silver 50 and particle size 2001/50 (0.4 mm) and 2002/50 (0.6 mm) also show excellent effects.

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