SiLiglit Grade I

SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I is extremely versatile. The high brilliance, low specific weight and excellent resistance to H2O, solvents and UV radiation allow almost unlimited use.

The fields of application range from the cosmetics industry for nail varnishes, hair gels and sprays, face make-up, sports and fashion articles made of thermosets and PVC to the hobby and handicraft industry for glitter paints and decorative sprays.

Due to their low specific weight, SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I are preferably used in the industrial sector, for example in the paint and varnish industry as well as for floor and wall coating.

In the textile and paper industry (wallpaper, wrapping paper etc.) SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade I / Glimmer / Flitter are also used in screen, flock, rotary and thermal printing. However, SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade II is also used in this area for reasons of price.

Further applications of polyester glitter grade I / mica / tinsel are in body construction with GRP coating for trikes and rides as well as for polyester-based powder coatings for bicycle frames and metal and wood surfaces in the furniture industry.

Cosmetic Glitter-Video SiLiglit

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