SiLiglitGlitter SiLiglit Grade III

SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade III is as brilliant as the Polyester Glitter Grade II. An essential difference, however, is the thickness of the film, which is used as raw material for these glitter. This quality is extremely inexpensive and is used as effect material for Christmas decorations and accessories of all kinds.

Despite the stronger raw material, SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade III / Glimmer / Flitter can also be applied in textile printing (screen, flock and rotary printing). Due to the limited resistance to water and solvents, however, a washing and resistance test should always be carried out before application.

Otherwise SiLiglit Polyester Glitter Grade III / Glimmer / Flitter can be used for numerous decorations, e.g. as a promotional item for shop windows, table and shop decorations and in floristry as an effect material on fresh and dried flowers.

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