Sigmund Lindner GmbH presented newly developed grinding beads at the American Coatings Show in Indianapolis


For the second time SiLi showed SiLibeads grinding beads and SiLiglit glitter at the American Coatings Show

SiLi presented its customized beads for special applications, namely:

  • Tungsten carbide grinding beads – grinding and dispersion of high viscous coating and paint systems (e.g. printing inks, primarily solvent-borne)
  • Beads from silicon nitride – processing of battery materials such as anode material, e.g. for batteries
  • Beads from yttrium oxide – processing of materials for LED lamps

For more information about the brand new bead development and the possibility of developing customized beads, please contact:

SiLi Technologies
Dr. Achim Müller
Tel: +49 9277 994 17