SiLibeads Glass Beads as filter material at Aquatech Amsterdam

SiLibeads Glaskugeln als Filtermaterial auf der Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam, a trade fair for water technology. Exhibitors from all over the world presented a wide range of new and proven products in the field of water treatment and water extraction.

Sigmund Lindner GmbH showed their SiLibeads filter beads. Since the introduction of the SiLibeads glass beads in the field of water filtration and water recovery, the filtermedia have already proven themselves in a variety of industries:

  • Petrochemical Industry
    Process water treatment and water reclaiming
  • Semiconductor Plants
    Conditioning of raw-water
  • Commercial Laundry
    Process water treatment and reclaiming, wastewater treatment
  • Household Systems
    Water softeners and ion exchangers
  • Automotive Sector
    Process water treatment and water reclaiming
  • Beverage Industry
    Conditioning of raw-water and production water
  • Food Industry
    Conditioning of raw-water at fish-farming plants
  • Private & Public Pool & Spa, Swimming Ponds
    Water treatment and water reclaiming